Software Services

Bespoke Software Development

Requirements Gathering

The software vendor will meet with the client (sometimes virtually, using tools like Zoom or Skype), so that the client's unique requirements may be discussed. Ideally, staff at ground roots will be consulted to understand at a granular level what the software will do. The software vendor bears a huge responsibility in gathering accurately what the client wants, as many clients have had no previous experience in designing software.

After the meeting, the software vendor will compile the requirements in a formal document called a specification and will forward the document to the vendor. If the requiremnents in the document agree with teh client's expectations, the client will sign off the document. If not, there will then be a cycle of clarifying requirements and amending the specification to accordingly.

Once the requirements are agreed, a quote for the work will be provided by the vendor. If teh client agrees to the cost, development can commence.