Class Projects

Coding A Vocabulary Builder

Part one of the project consists of designing the database that contains all testable word - meaning combinations, and presenting a random word with multiple options for the meaning. The correct meaning will be nestled amongst three incorrect meanings for the current word. Each time a word is presented, the correct word should be located in a different position within the last. Users will quickly guess that the coder took the easy route and always displayed the correct meaning third in the list.

The user needs to be able to select a meaning, have it marked right or wrong, and then progress to the next word. A running count of correct meanings chosen should be kept, with the result being displayed after ten words have been presented.

In part two of the project, you'll provide the facility for an 'admin' user to enter words and their meanings. It is this list of words and meanings that will be used to test users.

Coding A Spelling Tester

Provide the facility for an admin user to enter a list of ten words. Each group of ten words (or 'test') will be given a name to identify it. The person being tested will see a page with the next word on it and also a button saying Spell It The word will remain displayed until the Spell It button is pressed, whereupon it will be replaced with an input box and a Check It button. The user must type in the correct spelling of the word and then press Check It, to get the spelling marked. It must match the current word.

Account for type in different cases.

All the tests previously entered by the admin user will be available for selection, so the user may choose to retest themselves of past words. The implication here is that tests must be associated with users, otherwise everybody will be able to see everybody else's tests.